Buy the Ticket

After 21 years of service, I’m hanging up my uniform.  I’m happy and sad to go, I’m ready to get on with life.  I’ve been struggling to figure out what I want to do after this adventure, all I ever wanted to be was GI Joe.  People tell me to be a cop. Honestly, I really don’t feel like shedding this uniform for another.

The beauty about retiring is I can really do whatever I want.  I didn’t realize that until just recently.  I was looking at going to school to get a degree in a field that was hiring.  It didn’t matter if I liked it or not.  I did get some fantastic advice from friends of mine in the civilian workforce that have college degrees.  They told me “study something you will be happy studying.”  I pulled the trigger, and I’m studying communications, trying to dabble in writing, journalism, and electronic media.

I’ve always been interested in writing and movies but when I expressed interest in these things people around me would shoot me down.  “You’ll never get a job.”  “Everybody is doing that.”  I know the statistics, and I’ve heard the stories, make no mistake I’m a bit worried.  After listening to a series of TED Talks and Podcasts: Why not do it?  I’ve been blown up and shot at, and I’ve survived.

Today I’m saying fuck it.  I kicked back and made a couple of episodes for a Podcast which I’m about to publish.  After that, I’m headed out to get materials for my other project and start my YouTube channel.  Then I’m doing a shit ton of homework.  Why?  BECAUSE I CAN!

Stay tuned, subscribe, I’ll be posting links to the Podcast and the YouTube channel and my Twitter when I get them up and running.  I’ll be trying different things from week to week and keeping you updated.  I’m just trying to make my life better and live it the best way I know how.  I want to help you do the same.




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