RetiredGruntStuffPodcast Episode 1 Click on this link to go to my Podcast.  Unfortunately, WordPress wants me to pay for the ability to post the audio player and I’m not quite at that point yet.

I have officially posted my first Podcast on  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be so I watched Pat Flynn’s  Tutorial on Podcasting this helped me out immensely. There are 6 videos in the series so prepare to set aside some time for this.  I will say that these videos are dated and the programs he uses have long since been updated but it is still a really great tool to get started.  Flynn recommends a self-host site to publish your blog and Podcast on, right now for me I’m trying to start off everything free.  Flynn has an awesome YouTube channel with tons of great content.

Because I’m trying to this extremely low budget I utilized Podcast Fast YouTube videoHow To Start A Podcast For Free: Complete Guide to help me find a free media outlet.  I went with the suggestion in Podcast Fast’s video and I published on  Later on if this takes off then I might pay for a subscription.

While building the Podcast I needed some artwork for the station and the episodes.  I used Tony L. Brown’s YouTube videoiTunes Podcast Artwork: How To Design iTunes Podcast Artwork Using Free Software to design my logo.  It was really easy and a lot of fun to do.

All in all putting this together was super fun.  It did take longer than I wanted it too, but I wanted to try and put together a good show.  I hope you guys enjoy it and I’ll be trying to improve on it on every episode.

Please leave me your comments to help me get better, and also on issues you would like me to research and talk about.  Thanks again.



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