Find Your Motivation

Over the last two decades, I have spent a lot of time motivating others to succeed.  In the last few months, I’ve had little to no responsibility because on any day my retirement papers could come through, and my transition to civilian life would come hard and fast.  Without purpose, I slipped into a bit of depression, and I stopped being productive.  I would just sit on my phone and play games.  I had started two classes at the local community college, and I was meeting deadlines at the very last minute.  One of the classes is a Creative Writing class, and it had been several years since I had taken English, and my Grammar could use some work.  I have a 45min commute to school, I took this time to start listening to YouTube videos on Grammar.  Through these videos, I found videos on how to write, which lead to how to be creative, which eventually led me to Thomas Frank at College Info Geek.  The first video that came over my speakers was A Weekly Habit That Will Help You Stay Motivated All Semester.  I honestly felt that he was speaking directly to me.  Thomas’s videos are usually short and to the point, anywhere between 5-10 minutes long.  I subscribed to the page and just kept listening and watching one right after the other.  I got home sat down at my computer started watching and taking notes, downloading apps, re-arranging my phone.  I have definitely become more productive but for me it is not an overnight 180.  Everyday is a work in progress, I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m headed in the right direction.

Through this blog I will track my accomplishments and my failures to keep accountability of myself and also to show others that these things can be done.  I’m an average guy of average intelligence I’m here to prove to myself I can be successful and hopefully motivate others and show them that with a little effort they can do it to.



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