Prepare for Basic Training

Prepare for Basic Training in this Podcast I cover a few key elements that I believe will set you up for success if you are planning to join the military.  I spent some time working with Initial Entry Trainees, and I talk about some of the trends that led a few them to quit.


Get in Shape- I can’t stress this enough.  Below are some links to websites that I believe will really help you out.  There is a ton of information out on the internet about how to get ready for basic, 100’s of videos.  They won’t do a damn thing for you if you don’t follow a program and stick with it.  It should be hard, and sometimes it should suck maybe all the time it should suck.  Stick with it.

SEALFIT This is a great program developed by Mark Divine.  The program has an excellent Basic program that will prepare you for some of the insane workouts in SealFit.  There are excellent videos online, and also there are tutorials on how to build your own equipment for some exercises as well as alternative exercises.  This program will also help build the mental toughness you will need to succeed.  I tried this program for 6 months in Afghanistan, and by the end of that tour, I was in the best shape of my life, mentally and physically.

Military Athlete Rob Shaul came up with this program, and he is sought out by military organizations around the world to help and build them a rigorous training plan.  When I was at West Point during the Sandhurst competition, the Texas A&M team had Rob design their plan.  My plan was based on a lot of Rob’s philosophy and exercises and both of our teams medaled in fitness.  I had used Rob’s Afghanistan Prep plan before I went to Afghanistan.  This prepared me to move long distances while carrying a lot of weight over steep terrain.  My Soldier’s call me the “Truck.”  I love his philosophy that you don’t have to ruck every day to become good at rucking.  His strategy for becoming a beast at rucking is at the top of my physical fitness kit bag.

Mental Toughness: Mark Divine is a guru at the Warrior Mind SealFit will really help you with this.  Below is a couple of links that might get you ready as well.

Warrior Mindset: Mental Toughness Skills for a Nation’s Peacekeepers is a great book on the Warrior Mindset and how to train for it.  You can’t just think it you have to train for it.  This book covers a lot of great points and exercises.  It will even teach you how to breathe and believe me you have probably been doing it wrong for a long time.

How and Why to Develop Mental Toughness this is a great article defining Mental Toughness, why you need it and how to obtain it.  This article covers a lot of the things that we teach as Master Resiliency Trainers, I promise you will see this material again after you enlist.

If you know, you’re weak minded, or you’re not 100% sure then take a look at these articles and books.  Do your own research.  I got pretty depressed recently, so I started listening to motivational Podcasts, YouTube videos, and TED Talks.  I started putting more positivity back in my life and using my resiliency skills which led me to start putting out this content.

Have your Affairs in Order:  Seriously, get your life together.  Put yourself in a situation where you don’t have to worry about what’s going on back home.  I personally wouldn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend or significant other, the reason is that your life now belongs to the United States Government.  It will even say so on your military I.D. card.

STAY OUT OF TROUBLE:  If you are considering a life in the military stay out of trouble.  A conviction or offense could hinder you from enlisting or getting the job you want.

Eat right and develop healthy patterns:  Go to bed and wake up at a reasonable time.  Practice Sleep Hygiene.

Sleep Hygiene here is a video to educate you a little on Sleep Hygiene.  This will be crucial later.

10 Soldiers You Don’t Want to be in Basic Training This is actually a pretty funny video by A Combat Veteran.  If you don’t want to be “That Guy” show up to Basic Training physically prepared, mentally tough, have all your personal shit squared away, and be ready to train.

Check outPrepare for Basic Training follow these tips, ask questions, train hard, and good luck.Prepare for Basic Training


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