Medical Retirement PT1

Today I signed my 199.  The 199 is where the PEB rates your medical issues for the Army and the VA.  You need 30% or higher to be medically retired from the Army.  This means you get the retiree ID card, and all the benefits of concurrent retirement (except for concurrent retirement plus med retirement).  After signing the 199, I was under the impression that I would go to SFAC get my brief, my final out date, and my clearing papers. That’s not what happened; What I didn’t know or realize was that you sign the 199 and it goes back to PEB.  The PEB system broke last November, so they have a ton of backlogged crap they have to go through, and according to the guy at the brief, it could take 4-40 days to get the 199 back.  I came into this bitch hurry up and waiting, and I’ll go out the same way.

I need to get a bunch of documents together that I’ve been down to finance, and S1 at least ten times for in the last four years just in case they never uploaded them or lost them or some shit.  It’s late right now, so I will try and post tomorrow what docs you need to have on hand to make your out processing go smooth.  I’m hoping not to fuck this up.  I dropped my leave form today to take 24 days that I have saved up.  I thought about taking it on the back end in conjunction with the 20 days PTDY that I’m authorized but in my case I just want the benefits to start as soon as possible, it’s up to the unit whether they will even grant me the 20 days PTDY.  I don’t see why they wouldn’t, I can’t do shit and I’m not deployable.  These days I don’t put anything past the Army.

Tomorrow I will have an update out on the brief I received, and hopefully, it will help you as you get ready to retire.



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